Whats new ?

Know how your counter staff is performing on a daily basis or weekly basis. Retailbean lite is intelligent enough to ping you regularly with your overall sales data on a daily or weekly basis. Keep updated on your Sales, and take action on proper situations.

Isn't it superb if the system can send a message to customers on each and every sale ? SMS is a great way to get in touch with the customers. Show them a thank you note as soon as they shopped at your store. Increase customer satisfaction.

After every sales, Retialbean-lite will enable you to store the next date of contact and will automatically remind your customer by SMS. Do you feel a message like "Hey Johny, You have informed "Beauty SPA salon" that tomorrow you are visiting them for a hair cut. Are you going ?" will help to boost your sales.

Ever wondered , how to consolidate your inventory and sales of different stores ? RetailBeanLite version is been powered with a very comprehensive multi-store capabilities, where you can manage inventory and sales effectively. View the dashboards with multi-store perspective, act quickly and take decision quickly.